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TOP TEN DIYs for the S-booooo-kiest Haunted House

Posted on October 09, 2016 DIY

This year, we at Local Trade Pros scoured the web for the best DIYs to turn your home into the scariest haunted house in the neighborhood.  Whether you are going all out with a full maze or just want to turn your hallway into a creepy passage, we hope these DIYs will get your brain juices flowing and your hands dirty.


Haunted Maze

haunted mazeWe love this tutorial on how to build a halloween haunted maze because it’s a great overview on the process, and covers a range of ideas, from what materials to use to decorating tips.  

Asylum Padded Walls


Once the walls are up in your maze, or if you have blank walls to decorate in the house, here’s a great idea on how to do padded walls for an asylum theme, using polyurethane foam.

Distressed Walls

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.46.15 PM

Looking to step up your game even further?  Check out this video on how to detail and distress your wall for your haunted house or attraction.  

Ghost Illusion

ghostly image

For your glass windows, this ingenious how-to guide on creating ghost illusions will definitely shock and puzzle passersby.

Ghost Face Frames

ghost face frame

How about for the inside of the house?  This DIY uses cheesecloth to construct creepy ghost face picture frames.  Don’t forget to add some mood lighting!

Cemetery Fence

cemetery fence

Front yard should not be neglected.  This DIY provides great photos for how to do a cemetery fence on the cheap.

Styrofoam Tombstones

styrofoam tombstone

Inside the cemetery, make a few of these realistic-looking styrofoam tombstones for a spine-chilling atmosphere.

Chicken Wire Ghosts

chicken wire ghost

One of our favorites that’s been trending this year are these chicken wire ghosts.  Find an expected place for them on your front lawn, and they will be sure to turn heads!  

Giant Jack-in-the-Box

jack in the box

If you are into electronics, this DIY guide gives you a step by step on how to construct a giant jack in the box.  Follow their directions for the frame and interior construction, and get creative with decorating the box.

Burning Coals

burning coal

This clever DIY shows you how to create a cheap and easy burning coal prop that will for sure add a detailed touch to your haunted house!

Happy Haunting!

~LTP Team

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