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LTP Valentines Planter DIY

Posted on February 06, 2017 DIY

Valentines is just around the corner, so we decided to get crafty! Give your home an extra Valentines charm and make a few more to spread the love and gift… It’s perfect for friends, co-workers, teachers… Among all the candy, this gift will stand out and last a lot longer too!


Materials needed to get started: 


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  • Mini metal buckets in solid colors. Easy to find at “Dollar Stores.”
  • White fish tank gravel
  • (Optional) Pink spray paint… If you want to add color to the gravel.
  • Wood kitchen skewers
  • Assorted cacti, succulents, or other similar plant option
  • Valentine plant tags, stickers, clips… Homemade or purchases at craft stores works too!
  • Dirt
  • Nail
  • Hammer


Punch five holes in the bottom of your buckets with a nail and hammer. Insure the holes are clearly open to provide the flow for well-draining soil.


plantFullSizeRender (3)


Plant your cacti/succulents in the bucket. Add enough additional dirt to center and firmly plant your cacti/succulent in its new home!




If you want to make some color magic and turn your white gravel into pink, then spread out a thin layer of gravel over cardboard or a paper plate and spray paint it. Mix the gravel well and when it’s fully dry, layer it over the exposed soil in the bucket. We opted to stay with the white, so things went a bit faster and the white on yellow (the color of our tin bucket) looks great!




Time to decorate! Use your homemade or purchased  Valentine plant tags, stickers, clips…  Use the skewer to attach a tag… This can have a cute saying or a name on it, get creative!


last FullSizeRender (4)

Tada! You are ready to spread love and cheer this Valentines…
Wishing everyone a lovely Valentines!

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~ With Love ~
The LTP Team

Original inspiration: Vitamini Handmade

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