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​​​LocalTradePros Invites Blue Gnome to Collaborate on April’s DIY Project

Posted on April 08, 2017 DIY, Tips

LocalTradePros has invited Blue Gnome to collaborate on this month’s DIY project. Are you the crafty type? Do you like cross stitching? Blue Gnome has created a project where you can turn the LocalTradesPros logo into a cross stitch pattern. Want to learn how? Check out the details!

*basic cross stitch knowledge is required for this project

Materials Needed: 


  1. 18 Count Aida Cloth (refer to stitch123.com for a variety of counts and colors)
  2. Medium Embroidery Hoop
  3. Embroidery Needle
  4. EMC Floss in Turquoise and Grey
  5. Scissors
  6. …and have a pin cushion ready so you don’t lose your needle!

*You can fine these products online or at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts

Generating a unique cross stitch pattern:


For this project, I used www.pic2pat.com to convert the LocalTradePros logo into a cross stitch pattern. There are a variety of sites that convert images to cross stitch patterns, so pick the one that suits your needs.

It’s simple!

  • You upload the image you want to convert and the site converts the image into a gridded cross stitch pattern. It then asks what size you want the pattern. For this particular project, I chose the smallest size.
  • Print out your pattern and DMC color list
  • Making adjustments to you pattern:
    • Instead of using all the colors that were generated in the digital pattern, I kept it simple and stuck to the two colors that are in the Local Trades Pro Logo, turquoise and grey. The white of the aida cloth is used for the white in the logo. I also created a hand drawn version of the digital pattern. This allowed for me to make the necessary tweaks to make the pattern more accurate.

Keep this option in mind when you want to create your own patterns. Cross stitch patterns are really just pixelated versions of the image. Grid Lined notebooks are the perfect tool if you ever want to create your own cross stitch patterns.

Time to start cross stitching! YouTube Video Below! 

The cross stitching part is done! It’s time to add some finishing touches!


I back stitched the LocalTradesPros text


I ironed out the fabric to get out any indentations or wrinkles

ironing aida cloth02

I got a small embroidery hoop (www.michaelsartsandcrafts.com)

I found a grey fabric swatch to cover up the back of the aida cloth so you don’t see all my messy stitches

Cutting the white fabric02

I placed the aida cloth into the hoop and made sure everything was even.


I then traced around the hoop and then cut the aida cloth and did the same with the grey cloth

I then placed these two circles on top of each other and placed them into the embroidery hoop frame

I placed a little bit of glue inside both parts of the embroidery hoop and then placed the aida cloth and grey cloth into the frame. *preferable glue is Fabri-Tac for fabric projects

Gluing the frame02

After the glue is dry, you can cut away at excess fabric

cutting excess fabric02

Add a satin ribbon to the top and you have your own LocalTradesPros Mini Cross Stitch Wall Hanging/Christmas ornament!


Wasn’t that easy and fun! Now, go ahead and make one yourself with your own logo or your favorite design.  We’d even love it if you would share it with us!

Written and Created by Owner of Blue Gnome: Sharon Navas Lacayo.

You can learn more about her and her shop at: www.shopbluegnome.com


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